Unconditional Love

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Hi everyone! Hoping all of you are enjoying a fantastic Thursday wherever you may be and getting ready for the weekend. As for me, today, I am sitting in my lounge chair in the back porch of my house on a warm sunny day, listening to natures calling. They must be happy because they’re singing […]


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Hello, my friends! I hope you all been having good days and fighting negativity that’s surrounding your atmosphere. I know it’s easier said than done, but that’s what I have on my mind today. Negativity–is such a draining emotion no matter where you go or who’s with you. You can have an excellent relationship with […]

Power of Prayer

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Hello, fellow thinkers, I hope you are all doing well wherever you call home. As for me, my fragment thoughts are on the current events going on today in this world. This thought is out of the norm as I do not comment or participate in political views as those types of conversations tend to […]

Angry Words

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Hello, my fellow thinkers! Welcome to my new page it’s been awhile! I’m so excited to be here! You will find links to my books, blog spots, and a little about me and my origins. Also, I’ll be sending out newsletters (just learned how to do those so bear with me–; >) to share upcoming […]


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Hello, my fellow thinkers, I hope you find yourselves well this day with your loved ones. As for me, honestly my mind ponders with questions about appearances, thus the topic of my thought for today. Lately, I have come across people oblivious what respect and selfless actually mean. Granted, I am no party-girl, or self-absorbed never have […]