Hello, my fellow thinkers, I hope you find yourselves well this day with your loved ones. As for me, honestly my mind ponders with questions about appearances, thus the topic of my thought for today.

Lately, I have come across people oblivious what respect and selfless actually mean. Granted, I am no party-girl, or self-absorbed never have AND never will, but geez, wake up! We are grown-ups respect is given when earned.

I am a loner with only a handful of people who know me well; yes, a homebody who does not mind writing or cleaning house in pajamas. Yeah, my life is not full of colorful roses, too many quandaries to explain and too tedious to explore.

Okay, here is my thought, granted many folks have appealing physical characteristics, apparently taking care of their appearance. One cannot take away from the person if they are health conscience, which we all are these days.

But, think about this, what is the point of having a pleasant physique without personality? What is so significant about downgrading, ignoring, and mistreating people, not at the same level? What is the reason? Is the negative behavior the result of a low self-esteem issue? I wonder about these etiquettes.

The most important attributes of a person are self-worth, self-respect, and treating others the way we want to be treated. Inspire, and exemplify, and above all be original. Superficial exteriors get old with time whereas the originality of humility never goes of style.

Remember, hurting individuals are a waste of time because ignorance will lead a person to a very lonely road.

Don’t be blindsided by not looking within and never mistreat anyone because in the end selfishness always loses.~~RM James

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