Angry Words

Hello, my fellow thinkers! Welcome to my new page it’s been awhile! I’m so excited to be here! You will find links to my books, blog spots, and a little about me and my origins. Also, I’ll be sending out newsletters (just learned how to do those so bear with me–; >) to share upcoming books and events. Before starting my thoughts, I want to send a big shout out to Laura Ranger, Author for designing this site! If you are interested in building a website to showcase your work or business, she’s on Facebook!

I hope you all are doing well and are planning a wonderful and productive summer with your loved ones. As for my summer break, thus far is interesting, to say the least. Nevertheless, I’ll keep my head up high, continue writing, and move on with my life along with my furry friend Bailey, who makes me laugh with her shenanigans daily.

Now, for my thought of the day: what’s the purpose of angry and hurtful words? Why are they used? To insult for superiority over the other to then regret how imbecilic one truly is after verbalizing those disparaging remarks?

To purposefully hurt someone verbally and emotionally just to feel powerful is the wrong way of doing things. Why not instead, use better choice words by speaking positivity and life rather than curse words to get the point across. The tongue may not have bones, but has the power to hurt and break a person’s heart and spirit. Granted we all get angry, but it’s no excuse to use abusive, demeaning, and offensive vocabulary.

I often wondered could the reason of such rancorous nature be self-esteem issues? Or could it be the aggressor hate themselves so much they rather take their anger and bitterness out on a supposed loved one?

The main female character of my novel, Firefly Kayla’s Gift was emotionally, and verbally abused by her late husband and physically abused by her brother-in-law. Through it all, she persevered by putting her foot down and moving forward because of the love of one man. She eventually forgave herself and released her pent up bitterness and pain—finding her strength in the process to which she moved on with her life with someone who truly loves and values her.

Thus, whatever the case maybe my friends, listen to your instincts and never do anything that will hurt you or anyone in the end. Be mindful and careful what you say as words do have the power to uplift or demoralize.

Stay true to yourself as only you can make a change to either move forward and live happily or remain stagnant and live in bitterness and regret. We have a choice.

As always stay humble my friends…RM James

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