Power of Prayer

Picture courtesy of James Gonzalez

Hello, fellow thinkers, I hope you are all doing well wherever you call home. As for me, my fragment thoughts are on the current events going on today in this world. This thought is out of the norm as I do not comment or participate in political views as those types of conversations tend to turn violent. As of late, I have watched on social media and in the news protests—some peaceful some too intense to explain. Honestly speaking, I was not planning on commenting on any of these things as they are not my type of specialty.

My question is this: what happened to join in prayer at church? Yes, there are evangelistic programming speaking The Word. What I’m saying is why doesn’t the media focus on the church itself? We see everything else under the sun but what happened to listen to what God is saying? Whatever happened to bringing back prayer? Praying is very powerful whether believed or not. Prayer does work, and there is such a thing, and God does exist and is waiting for us to stop the violence and unite in prayer.

Prayer does change how we view things. My friends, search within yourself before making your voice heard, “Will I make a difference being violent or will my words be effective peacefully. Will your actions hurt others, land you in jail or will your words or actions bring hope and prosperity?  Think about it.

Folks, people are suffering all over the world many of us are not aware that are occurring. Let’s bring back prayer and leave the hate behind as hatred accomplishes nothing but destruction. Please think before acting because once words and actions are released, it’s hard to take them back.

Be the light that shines brightly not the one who puts it out and please stay safe and be humble my friends these are troubling times.

Love always….RM James

Original work published January 21, 2017.

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