Hello, my friends!

I hope you all been having good days and fighting negativity that’s surrounding your atmosphere. I know it’s easier said than done, but that’s what I have on my mind today.

Negativity–is such a draining emotion no matter where you go or who’s with you. You can have an excellent relationship with a person be it a friend or significant other. But if they carry that dark cloud over them, that mist could easily seep into your soul without you even knowing it and strip you of your joy.

In my first book, Loves Second Chance, the spouse carried this negativity around him pushing his wife into the arms of another man. She grew tired of the beratement and found solace with someone else. Now, do you think what she did was right? A matter up for debate.

My second book Firefly Kayla’s Gift, the spouse demeaned the wife causing her to leave in haste and crashing her car into a median, left for dead and saved by a night creature. A story of life, love, and betrayal with a paranormal twist.

Those mentioned are only a couple things going on in this world but if negative vibes surround you, think twice before doing something you may later regret. Try having positive and happy thoughts when placed in a dismal situation. Though it may be hard, try it; nothing would make the antagonist look more imbecilic attempting to take control of you when your positive thinking and snubbing make them wonder.

As always, remember,

Negativity is only as strong if you allow it; take charge and be happy.

Always…RM James


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