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Hello, fellow thinkers and welcome new subscribers! I hope you all are having a wonderful time and looking forward to the summer as classes start winding down. I have finally finished the sequel to Kayla’s Gift, The Hunt for Emily and is now in the hands of my publishers. The backstory to this sequel begins in Savannah, Georgia with Clarissa (Rissa) Matthews (formerly Jones), the young vampire in the first novel. A little history of this character says that she betrayed the man who ordered her to lure Kayla Westbrook to a secluded spot and her sister would be cured of her supposed illness. Well, that didn’t go as planned and now she was mated to one of Cain Westbrook’s commanders and has embarked on the search for Emily Jones, her baby sister, in the jungles of Ecuador. We meet many more cool characters with lots of twists and turns to the story. But, I will leave an excerpt to tease ya’ll a little. Oh and don’t forget to sign up for my monthly newsletter to enter neat giveaways!

An excerpt from Firefly The Hunt for Emily … Present day on the road to the Andes Mountains, Ecuador…
Cain, his coven, and the battalion of five hundred rode in inconspicuous buses, equipped with all the amenities needed for comfort as their trip to the Andes Mountains took many hours to get there. They rode in the first bus and congregated at a small table, in front by the driver as Mr. Biggins lay comfortably on a plush pillow by Kayla’s feet. Clarissa, as promised, began telling the story of how she came to be where she was today, how her parents died, and Emily kidnapped.
“So, your sister was educationally competitive, smart, is a Fae and could tell the future. How come she didn’t see Christian coming?” Jake asked his mate.
“I think she did know a whole lot more but didn’t want to tell me everything at once because she knew, I wouldn’t believe her. Thinking about it now, I should’ve listened to her instead of brushing her off when first she told me about the evil man and a good man in my future,” Rissa felt remorseful.
“Honey, don’t feel bad,” Kayla began to say as she reached out to her, “How could you have known then, what you know now? You were only eighteen. All you knew, she discovered she had the gift of foresight, and needed to come to this country and find a healer to help strengthen her powers. For unknown reasons, she chose not to reveal the entire truth to you until the moment was right,” she supposed.
“She’s right, Clarissa. I’m intrigued how you met my brother and how he came to manipulate you into working for him,” Cain pondered. He feared he wasn’t going to like the outcome of the young woman’s tale.
Christian slithered into her life and lied through his poisonous fangs he had a cure for Emily and kidnapped her instead. To get her back, she had to do his bidding that included, kidnapping his wife, that low-life misanthropic no good charlatan!
“Cain, are you all right my love? Your fangs are out, and your eyes are crimson red. You’re angry, I heard you cursing in your mind,” Kayla looked at her husband and worried he was about to pop a blood vessel.
Cain closed his eyes and slowly inhaled and exhaled calming himself before he answered his wife, “I’m okay love. I’m preparing myself for what other chicanerous acts my brother committed that I’m not aware he’s done,” he said.
Kayla grabbed her husband’s hand and held it tightly, “My love, you know your brother, very well, and his behavior shouldn’t be a surprise to you,” she reasoned.
He grumbled obscenities under his breath and rubbed one hand across his face as he held his mate’s hand with the other, “I know Kayla. I refused to see his faults for many years, and I blame myself for not doing something about it sooner,” Cain growled.
“Let’s just listen to the rest of Rissa’s story, and put together the bits and pieces she may have missed. Maybe her sister left clues for her that she hadn’t picked up,” Dayton presumed.
Clarissa looked at her brother-in-law and frowned in confusion, “What makes you think she’s been leaving me clues Dayton?” She wondered.
“Ah oh, there he goes again with that far away look. You might as well listen to him Rissa; he’s good at putting mystery pieces together,” Jake said as Cain and Kayla looked on with renewed interest.
Dayton continued to stare out the window of the moving vehicle.
“I’m not too sure, but I have a deep feeling in my gut, Emily hasn’t told you the whole story of your future because she knew you wouldn’t believe her. Why did she tell you she was a Fae before exams? Why couldn’t she wait?” He asked.
Clarissa thought about it, “Emmy knew I’d fight her tooth and nail about not going to Ecuador,” she absent-mindedly responded, sunk back in her seat and placed her head in her hands. She completely missed that point.
“Exactly my point, she knew how to get you to give in without a fight. The more you continue with your story, we’ll stop and analyze the next clue, and find out what she tried telling you. Jake, can you take notes in your head or would you rather write them down?” Dayton asked.
He growled, “Do I look like your personal secretary?” Jake hadn’t liked the thought of anyone prying into his mates’ past.
Dayton gave him a flat gaze, “Look you dimwit, this is important, and for your mates’ benefit. I got the feeling her sister put some kind of spell on her, to forget a very important detail in her life. I just can’t put my finger on it,” he went back into the dazed mode again.
“Jake, do as he requested, will you. He has a valid point. Writing some key points in Clarissa’s life may bring reasons why my brother is so determined in killing her for defecting,” Cain interjected.
Clarissa was confused, “Wait a minute, Dayton, what makes you think my sister, put a spell on me? I haven’t said anything to that fact. I’m confused can you break it down for me?” She urged.
He snapped out of his daze and looked into Clarissa’s eyes, “Have you ever had a feeling you felt…off, out of place sometimes?” Dayton queried with half closed his eyes.
After carefully pondering about it, she had felt off, but thought it was a teenage thing not because of a spell and opened her eyes wide and looked straight into Dayton’s orbs.
“Oh sh…! I had short periods of losing my train of thought but thought the cause was from studying too much,” she recalled.
“Did it often happen?” Dayton pressed.
“Yes,” she responded.
“Around, your sister?” He continued.
“Yes,” she exclaimed then looked up and frowned, “But why, would she mess with my memory?”
“She had a reason, and we are about to find out; so continue with your story, Clarissa,” Dayton encouraged.
“Jake, I think you better start taking notes; I think we have a mystery in our hands.”

Always remember,
No matter what goes on in your life, keep your head up, stand your ground and stay positive! ~~RM James

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