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I finally wrapped up the second installment of the Firefly series and gave it a new title: Firefly The Hunt for Emily and currently with my publishers for editing with a tentative target release date for the end of the year. But first, the backstory of Firefly Kayla’s Gift to give you an idea of how the whole tale started.
The main female character, Kayla Grayson, lived in an exclusive subdivision in the country in the state of Georgia, with her husband who constantly berated her over minuscule things for over thirty years, until she reached a point that enough was enough and left home seething after a heated argument.
On his way to a charity function, Cain Westbrook came upon an overturned car on the median and decided to investigate. Approaching the victim, a subtle and arousing rose scent smacked him square in the face, did Cain realize the woman pinned underneath the car was his intended mate dying on the side of the road. The thought nearly killed him and was left with no other recourse but to violate his decree of turning a human into a vampire. Yes, this unlikely stranger was a vampire.
The problem—Kayla was still attached to another man. Dead or alive she belonged to another and Cain had to find a strategic way to make her exclusively his.
Hours later, the husband, Carl Grayson, heard the doorbell ring in the middle of the night waking him from a restless sleep. Thinking she locked herself out, he charged to the front door, ready to give her another tongue lashing, only to meet two police officers with devasting news of her demise. Kayla died in an automobile accident for driving at excessive speeds—or did she?

Find out how the story unfolds in Firefly Kayla’s Gift available at https://www.foundationsbooks.net/book/firefly-kaylas-gift-by-r-m-james/

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