Unconditional Love

Hi everyone! Hoping all of you are enjoying a fantastic Thursday wherever you may be and getting ready for the weekend. As for me, today, I am sitting in my lounge chair in the back porch of my house on a warm sunny day, listening to natures calling.

They must be happy because they’re singing to one another, the frogs are chattering away, the turtles sunbathing by the pond, and the fish jumping in and out of the water.

Listening and watching nature at its best, I’m reflecting on how my life is going. I only wish it was like the creatures that seem not to have a care in the world.

Sometimes, I don’t understand why I allow little things to annoy me the way they do. It doesn’t make sense.

Ever since Bailey, my cat, came into my life, my tears don’t flow as they used to because she gives me unconditional love and her purrs soothe my soul.

Animals seem to have a sense of understanding of one’s feelings without even asking what’s wrong.

She senses when I’m down, and curls herself beside me letting me know she’s there in the good and bad.

Why is it as humans we can’t be this way? Some of us tend to be insensitive without even realizing it, but some of us do. If we only stop for a moment and think before we speak, just wonder how happy we’ll be.

I sometimes wonder why is it so hard to find someone to love unconditionally for that belief to be reciprocated? I don’t think it’s impossible.

I’m at an age where I’m tired of the drama. I want peace in my life where I can concentrate on writing my novels and spend the rest of my life stress-free.

I know we can find ways to stay drama free, we just have to find what works because it’s not easy nowadays. That ugly head of depression and stress wants to keep us down but guess what? Unconditional love can overcome those boundaries.

Just remember…

Unconditional love is the way to happiness. The key is finding your true partner who’s willing to walk the path of understanding with you.



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