The Man Behind the Fields

Imagine finding yourself in the middle of a cotton field, on a warm sunny day, completely awe-struck with the sea of white fluff stretching as far as the eyes could see. Staring at nature at its best, you can’t help but pluck a bulb from its stem to admire the feel of the plant. Pinched between your fingers, you softly place it on your cheek closing your eyes from the blissful feel.
Suddenly the wind blows, and the sounds of the wind against the trees capture your attention. Intrigued on lied behind the wooded covering, as you advance toward the mysterious forest. You stop at the threshold of the woods and hesitate for a brief moment if you should go forward, but the curiosity nudges you to go in.
Carefully, you step into the unknown, and instead of fear, you sense a feeling of adventure and an overwhelming peace overtakes all logic, and you tread onward. The aroma of the flora tickles your senses—roses, jasmine, and a hint of masculinity teased your nose.
Your heart accelerates, and you move faster to seek out that delicious male scent pushing the shrubs away from you until you reach across the most beautiful mansion tucked behind the see of cotton and woodlands.
Then you see him, standing on the front porch, the most exquisite specimen your eyes ever have seen. A tall, lean sculptured body your hands itch to touch. He sees you and flashes a wide grin and extends his left hand inviting you to come forward but you hesitate. Then you hear the most beautiful and hypnotizing sound float through the air, “It’s okay, come—you’re safe here.”
The hypnotic melody of his voice calms you and prompts you to forward. Step by step your feet moves closer to him until you arrive at the platform of steps. You gasp as your eyes meet his. You see the most alluring color of greyish orbs—the windows of his soul.
He steps down to meet you, but you’re in awe of him to say a word. He smiles and speaks, “Hello my name is Cain Westbrook, may I have the pleasure of knowing your name?”

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