Firefly Kayla’s Gift-Trust

Imagine concealing a truth you know would potentially ruin the trust and friendship of the people you’ve come to care and love. How would you approach them? How do you begin to utter those damaging words? When would be the right time to say something? Jake Matthews had that problem.

Cain Westbrook and Dayton Rawlings were the two most trusted men he had in his life and had a hard time coming to terms of revealing a secret that could potentially sever their friendship for good.

What was this devastating secret? Jake discovered the young vampire in custody for betraying the coven was his mate. And the crux of the issue was the fault wasn’t his when he hired her to protect the mistress of the manor! But why didn’t he pick up this girl’s scent before now? He always paid attention to his surroundings!

To keep his sanity and bearings, and not willing to lose his friends over a woman, Jake avoided her at all costs. But the effort of staying away from her failed miserably! Nothing could beat the calling of a mate. Especially when her baby blues met his hazel orbs. So now what?

Jake was hooked and doomed because by vampire protocols, harming a mate came with devastating and resolute consequences. He first confided in Dayton and was advised to tell Cain before he carried out the sentence, but circumstances took them to foreign lands to fight a foe and rescue captives before he had the nerve to speak.

Sadly, Jake waited too long, and the confession didn’t come until his mate laid in his arms barely alive, with a fatal wound.

Find out what happened next in Firefly Kayla’s Gift available at Foundations Books

Always remember…

Trust is fragile and once it’s gone…it’s hard getting it back. Stay humble my friends. R.M. James

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