Firefly Kayla’s Gift-Secrets

What would you do, to save a loved one…

Clarissa Jones, bright, smart, witty, strong, young vampire who loved her family had a major problem. An evil vampire had her sister, Emily, in an undisclosed location with the promise of finding a cure, if she accomplished one task…to help him get Kayla away from Cain.

Perplexed with a heavy burden on her shoulders, Clarissa couldn’t trust anyone with the truth that she allowed herself to get roped into the schemes of this nut job, Christian, Cain’s evil brother.

What else could she do? Emily was the only family she had left as her parents died from a mysterious illness. If she didn’t do this one thing, her sister could die too. Besides, the vampire said he wouldn’t hurt Kayla. Right?

Scared out of her mind, how could Clarissa get away from this maniac? She witnessed first hand how malicious and dangerous he could be and forged a plan to betray him once the job was done, and disappear with her sister.

Except, the only way to accomplish what this vile and cruel vampire wanted was to infiltrate Cain’s coven. Plan in hand, she managed getting hired as a bodyguard to protect Kayla.

On the job, while everyone was preoccupied, the opportunity came to lure the mistress of the manor to an open field with the pretense of teaching her how to hunt; only to lead her straight into the hands of the vampire who promised no harm would come to Cain’s mate.

Find out the outcome of this plot in Firefly Kayla’s Gift available at

Always remember,
Think before you act as you’ll never know the harm your actions could bring to a person until it’s too late. Stay humble my friends…R.M. James

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