One night…one argument…two lives change

Hurt, belittled, and betrayed, Kayla left her home in a blinding rage after a heated argument with her narcissistic husband.

Blinded by the stabbing pain in her heart, she drove her car at an excessive speed, replaying those hurtful name calling and insults.

Not paying attention to her driving, Kayla miscalculated a turn crashed her car into the guardrail on a dark highway.

The vehicle then spun out of control, flipped ejected her through the windshield several feet into the air, landing on her back, and within seconds, the one-ton vehicle landed on top of her, crushing every bone.

On his way to a function, Cain came up to the accident scene and almost kept going, but his instincts told him to stop.

He parked his luxury car several feet away, and the smell of blood, death, and roses hit his senses.

Curious, he carefully stepped toward the overturned car, and his eyes immediately caught the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen!

“Please help me…”

And that’s how Cain and Kayla’s story began. Follow their compelling tale in Firefly Kayla’s Gift available at



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