Silencing the Noise

Hello, my fellow thinkers, I hope you’re enjoying this holiday season with your loved ones as there lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. However, there are some that won’t be spending this holiday with family or loved ones because of one thing or another. Let’s remember them this holiday season by praying for them. Pray that their circumstances change so they could be with family and loved ones this season.

This morning while on my daily walk around the neighborhood I had a thought. I love thinking while walking because sometimes I wonder about the complexities of life and how trouble seems to creep into our lives blindsiding us. Then I came up with an equation—mind, heart, and gut. Sounds crazy doesn’t it but read how interesting I came the assumption of that formula.

The purpose the mind is to have thoughts, and those concepts can also play tricks, thus, making us “overthink.” The same with the heart where the emotions come from making us a bit “emotional” about certain things and overreact. Then we have the gut where the “instincts” originates making us think more logically about certain things.

That’s where the trouble gets exacerbated. You see, when we overthink and overreact, solutions become hindered, and nothing gets solved. I know as it took me a long time to figure that tidbit out. So, I began using my gut instincts, then toned down the emotion, and began thinking more logically. I tell you that wasn’t easy to do as I tend to use my emotions too much.

Quieting the noise, and toning the anxieties, allows instincts to trigger. Ever wondered why sometimes you feel uneasy around someone or feel as if someone is either telling a story or telling the truth? That’s your gut talking to you. When your body tells you something is wrong, nine out of ten times your instincts are right.

As always, stay humble my friends…RM James


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