Blunders and Wonders

Today, I pondered about life’s blunders and wonders and believe me, as of late, I had so many blunders come my way—I thought I’d give up altogether and crawl into a hole.

Fighting many adversities whether physical or emotional isn’t easy to beat, but with determination and passion, anyone can overcome anything. Hence, be a fighter, not a quitter.

Take the character, Leyna Jared, for example, in my novel Loves Second Chance, she blew her chances for a blissful life with her true love, William Ramsey, but chose intimacy with another man because she thought Willie didn’t want her and ended up pregnant.

Had she waited for Willie, she could’ve left with him when the time was right but didn’t. She failed herself as she failed him. Or did she? Or was her destiny with the other man?

Life has a twisted way of turning one’s future upside down without notice. But, adversities have a way of showing how strong we really are and sometimes point out our flaws, regardless if we want to see them or not.

Leyna’s strength was her love for Willie, but impatience and not waiting for him was her flaw costing her the chance at a happy life. Their hardships were their parents and distance, which eventually killed any chance of being together.

After twenty-two years, she finally found him only attached to another—she was too late and only has herself to blame.

As we celebrate the holidays and close 2018, be with ones who love you the most and bury any animosity and grudges. Because you never want to live with the “what if’s” like the characters of Love’s Second Chance.

Always Remember,

Don’t allow frustrations become your blunder because the wonder you covet the most could easily be taken away. Stay humble my friends~RM James


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