How far would you go, to save someone you love…

Back in August 2018, I wrote about one of the characters of Firefly Kayla’s Gift, Clarissa Jones, a bright, smart, witty, energetic, young vampire who loved her family but carried a heavy burden.

The conundrum was Clarissa couldn’t trust anyone with the truth that she allowed herself to get roped into the schemes of a malicious vampire to keep a loved one safe. How many of us let ourselves get involved with a person that told you they had a whopper of a problem but couldn’t tell anyone about it?

You see, Clarissa was in that place—either she helped this vampire or risk never seeing her sister again. In that respect, what else could this young vampire do? Emily was the only family she had left, and if she didn’t do this one thing, her sister could die.

Pretenses like these have grave consequences. So, what happened? Clarissa’s treachery was exposed and made to confess her part of the plot to Kayla and the entire coven. What should’ve happened was for this young vampire to come clean from the beginning—avoiding the embarrassment of the lie about what was actually going on with her.

Clarissa Jones is a typical young woman with a good heart, but her actions said otherwise which caused others to doubt her innocence and story. Do you know someone like that? Should this person be forgiven?

In Kayla’s case, should she forgive the young vampire after confessing the truth?

Find out in Firefly Kayla’s Gift available at

Always remember,

Discern before you act because acting on emotion instead of gut instinct can lead to unfavorable outcomes. Stay safe and stay humble my friends…R.M. James

*****TEASER ALERT*****

The story behind Clarissa and Emily Jones’ lives is revealed in the next installment of the Firefly series–coming soon.

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