Seduction of Power

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Today’s thought is narcissism. This word resonates with the character Christian Westbrook, Cain’s brother in the story of Firefly Kayla’s Gift.

Christian has beautiful features but an ugly disposition. He was turned the same time his brother was, only the venom poisoned his mind, and what was secretly in his heart came to light.

Cain’s brother is a personification of a toxic person who believes in manipulation, lives to make others miserable, has a blatant disregard of others feelings, abusive with words, cruel, cunning, heartless and believes in his own lies.

The characteristics of this type of person sound exhausting because their behaviors drain those around them. What comes out of their mouths truly lies in their hearts.

Christian thinks the quest for power is to kill his victim’s spirit and use them as his puppets. Such as what he did to Rissa. He manipulated this young vampire to do his bidding, promising a cure to save her sister, Emily.

A narcissists world is limited to their own thinking with no regard to whatever anyone thinks or how many times the victim, friends, or family members explain or describe their behavior … the abuser will never see it. Christian didn’t.

One of the worst attitudes is believing that a person has power over the other. We were born as individuals … to live, love, and learn freely. No one has the right to treat another with contempt … else life has a way of paying it back ten-fold.

Always remember,

Don’t be surprised by the response you receive based upon how you treat people, because life has a way of repaying your attitude in kind. Stay humble my friends … R.M. James

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