Firefly Kayla’s Gift-Secrets

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What would you do, to save a loved one… Clarissa Jones, bright, smart, witty, strong, young vampire who loved her family had a major problem. An evil vampire had her sister, Emily, in an undisclosed location with the promise of finding a cure, if she accomplished one task…to help him get Kayla away from Cain. […]

Firefly Kayla’s Gift-Trust

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Imagine concealing a truth you know would potentially ruin the trust and friendship of the people you’ve come to care and love. How would you approach them? How do you begin to utter those damaging words? When would be the right time to say something? Jake Matthews had that problem. Cain Westbrook and Dayton Rawlings […]

The Hunt For Emily Teaser

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Hello, fellow thinkers and welcome new subscribers! I hope you all are having a wonderful time and looking forward to the summer as classes start winding down. I have finally finished the sequel to Kayla’s Gift, The Hunt for Emily and is now in the hands of my publishers. The backstory to this sequel begins […]

Angry Words

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Hello, my fellow thinkers! Welcome to my new page it’s been awhile! I’m so excited to be here! You will find links to my books, blog spots, and a little about me and my origins. Also, I’ll be sending out newsletters (just learned how to do those so bear with me–; >) to share upcoming […]